Saturday, May 10, 2008


Ana Efe born in Porto, 1972. Lives and works at Porto and London. Is a multidisciplinary artist whom has been developing work in installation, photography, video and painting, in where approaches the theme affection versus reason. Studied sculpture at Faculdade de belas Artes da Universidade do Porto, Portugal and at Coventry University of Art and Design, United Kingdom. Recently finished a master at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. Exhibits since 1997 in Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy and Austria.

The representation of “Roots of love” took me to the transference process between me and the other
represented by the nourishing, nurturing process of onion sprouting and the way we handle with feelings, with love. The way I am taking care of them, I need to feed them with sun and water as someone who is in love and tries to give more of him to the other, so that in a mutual process of giving and taking the love lasts in time.
The factor time here acquires a very important role as well, the onions will start rooting and the smell of them will change from pleasant to repulsive. The smell is not just a detail. Smell as synonymous of presence. Every time I enter into my studio space I can feel the presence of my onions installation.

The work developed in a performative way. “Roots of love-Tear us apart” is a video where I took the principal character in the role. I was the one who was going to cry as when Roland Barthes makes reference to the amorous suffering, to the volubility. The presence of the other in me. Onions have been chosen by their presence, their intrusive and abusive smell. I started to record myself eating onions, one after the other, till I started crying. 54 seconds, the time a tear took from my eye to my mouth was the duration of the video. Their presence stayed in my body for two days. All my body had the onions’ smell. My breath, my flesh, my fluids.

is based in all previous process.

Weep: verb to cry tears; verb (of an injury) to produce liquid such as pus;
To weep buckets: informal to cry a lot.

It was made with putrefied onions, the state of decay of a relation. The end of all process. Once again the smell invaded the space in a very unpleasant way. Once again my flesh took a day to get rid of the smell, just because I had to touch them while I was filming.

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