Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It has been brought to my attention that one of the site administrators who began the petition has updated the status of the story. She has been informed by various sources that the dog exhibit was a stunt and he was in fact let free to escape. We are all crossing our fingers that was the case. I truly hope that the dog did not die in the name of art or whatever cause. However I would also like to thank all the group members who signed the petition and forwarded this group to bring awareness to this issue. I would like to remind all, that we did not petition for nothing. Stunt or not, we have served the objective of this group: prevent animal cruelty through spreading awareness and protest. The bottom line for myself is, exploiting an animal who is already sick and weak is still wrongful. Through this petitioning process, not only did we put pressure on govts, groups and media to investigate the issue, but we also erected a strong warning against any future acts of animal cruelty. I urge everyone to keep that spirit! Animals, as a vulnerable group will always face the risk of being exploited. We have the ability to prevent, preempt and stop future sufferings and therefore, we must continue this fight.

If you want, you can also writte asking for this monster to not represent his country (também pode escrever pedindo que este monstro não represente o seu país para):

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