Sunday, January 20, 2008

london 13.01.08 David Torne's Prezens

Joyce and Antoaneta

'Textural, oceanic soundscapes intercut with throbbing fragments of improv violence and rhythmic adventure, all underpinned by Taborn and Rainey's off-centre groove' ­ little more need be added to this perfect description of the two hours of improvised music produced by guitarist David Torn, alto player Tim Berne, keyboardist Craig Taborn and drummer Tom Rainey on the first of their two nights at the club.
Another full house, another completely silent, rapt audience, was mesmerised by the hypnotic power and spontaneous inventiveness on display.
Torn is a master of texture and atmosphere, his alternately strident and swooning guitar playing never quite falling in with even the most insistent of Rainey's beats and drum tattoos, but playing off them, swirling darkly round them or simply hovering broodingly over them.
Berne, too, rings the textural changes magnificently throughout, moving as appropriate from screaming urgency and sustained shrieking high notes to the quietest of whispers and little puffs of noteless sound.
Taborn and Rainey selflessly provide the cement for this wall of textured noise, the former by providing sonic 'filling' interspersed with occasional solo excursions, the latter beating out vigorous rhythms or shuffling, prodding and probing in a more conventional free-jazz manner.
All in all, a viscerally affecting evening's music, no-holds-barred spontaneous interaction at its considerable best.

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